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Optimal Nutrition Co

Ecommerce Website

Behind 'Onco' is a team of nutritionists, medical herbalists, functional medicine practitioners, personal trainers, chefs, and catering staff. The company delivers meal plans for individuals with serious goals in mind, from athletes to people navigating health issues.

The website is the company's main order system, and after research and fact-finding, it became evident that the market was saturated with companies offering meal plans via complex and sometimes perplexing processes. So, we set out to deliver an interface that was straightforward and user-friendly, despite inherent challenges.
This wasn't easy, as the system was more than a basic ecommerce platform and needed to include conditional logic and communicate back and forth with multiple systems without fail.

The outcome is a platform that is easy to navigate for users while maintaining a complex backend. Onco continues to expand, as does its system, ensuring a seamless experience for its users.

The system does more than a basic ecommerce platform, including conditional logic and communicating back and forth with multiple systems without fail.

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