Creating an online presence is an exciting endeavour involving many parts; from well-written content, on-brand graphics to accurate coding and functionalities. There are many ways to create a digital product, and over the years we have created a tried and tested methodology to create and deliver flawless digital projects.

Foundations and Planning

Prior to initiating any design, our first step involves strategic planning. This crucial phase encompasses a thorough review of your existing marketing plan or, if necessary, the development of a new one, review current assets, discuss road-maps and then create a detailed time based plan. Despite its seemingly unrelated nature, this preparatory stage holds important significance in the realm of all projects, and continually managing it serves as the cornerstone for delivering all jobs.

  • Initial meeting / briefing
  • Review of the brand
  • Requirements research
  • Project management
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UX and Graphic Design

Your audience are emotional, logical and sometimes illogical beings. Delivering a digital application that people relate to, understand and are able to operate automatically, takes thought and experience.

  • Naming
  • Sitemap
  • Content and metadata
  • Wireframing
  • Prototype
  • Graphic design
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Web development is an amalgamation of multiple codes speaking to one another. A lot of front-end coding involves HTML and CSS, this is the form and aesthetic, then we bring in other 'languages' that speak and organise databases or carry out various functions and calculations and more. We don't believe in throwing around jargon, but always explain what it is we are doing, and why we are doing it.

  • Responsive web design for multiple screen sizes and devices
  • Multi-language programming
  • Database development, and management
  • Device testing


Content management, databases, ecommerce, fulfillment and membership programmes are a small set of examples of what we call 'systems'.

It's important to have separate conversations about these systems as they often function in their own eco-system while at the same time are deeply embedded in the structure of the sites code.

Different applications require different approaches; from custom-written to off the shelf systems, we use the correct tools for the job while avoiding complexity to the user.

  • Content management system
  • Application implementation (ecommerce, payment, order and fulfilment systems etc)
  • Data capture
  • Device testing
  • Server setup
  • Site security
  • Backups

Launch Programme

In this final part we take your new website and connect it to the web in a way search engines will understand, then we move onto setting up multiple platforms like Google analytics and search console.

  • Analytics
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Launch marketing-programme

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