Our Branding Programme aims to help businesses create a well-founded and factually based brand identity that resonates with their target audience. The programme involves several stages, including audit, review and discovery, strategy and foundation, creative development and design.

Audit, Review and Discovery

The initial section is designed to help you to understand your brand, audience, competitors, market, and your industry. It is a free-flowing, creative exploration, with emphasis on ideas over anything else. It paves the way for the subsequent stages of brand strategy, identity, guidelines, collateral and campaigns; which will shape the brand's future for the better.

Strategy and Foundation

Once the Audit, Review and Discovery are complete, together we will develop your Brand Strategy which is a term that covers many areas. These may be core values and vision, positioning, brand architecture, selling points and what really is unique to your business. In addition, we could explore future marketing strategies involving competition and the marketplace.

The Strategy is a journey that can be viewed simply as a map or a plan covering what is required, challenges to address, what can we develop, what opportunities to exploit, and when we need to get through these steps.

To conclude we create a brand foundation document, a written guideline so to speak to summarise your brand strategy, and provide direction on how to instruct the brand identity across all of your marketing materials. In simple terms; your brand bible.

Creative Development and Design

Creativity is our passion, and when built upon a strong foundation we are able to conceptualise design that speaks a succinct message.

Design plays an integral part in every facet of life from reading this text, to the visualisation of the code on your phone. Design is everywhere, however, great design doesn’t come easy. This is something we are striving for with our training, methodology and decades of experience.

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