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The studio

Over 200 years ago 'Hope Mill' was built as one of Manchester's first cotton mills. Now it stands as a grade 2 listed building and homes many artists and other businesses, including Aeroplane. Being in such a creative place is nothing short of inspiring. It's a place we work, plan, think, create, design, and most of all, enjoy.

Why Aeroplane?

We love Manchester, but also, Athens, Liverpool, Kalamata… We feel as designers being open-minded, becoming inspired by meeting new people and being exposed to new experiences around the world is a large part of the job.

The main recurring feedback we receive is that we are good to work with, experienced and humble. We're not for everyone, but we genuinely believe in the people we work with, and take serious responsibility in delivering their projects.

Why Design

Both partners started their careers in the mid-'00s and worked for a decade in numerous agencies leading to Aeroplane starting its journey in 2015. Since then, we've had the chance to work for many great clients and projects in different sectors. It's the beauty of the job; designing a visual language with endless applications.

Our expertise lies with the creation and application of brand identity; we love the complexity and challenge of creating the appropriate visual representation for individuals and businesses.

The aim is to interpret values and direction, and communicate them through bespoke designs which are understood by an audience. Over the last fifteen or more years, we've learned to know how much consideration and rigour is needed to arrive at that outcome. Please check out our services for a more in-depth overview of what we do.


The Partners


After studying Graphic Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and gaining work experience in the Greek capital, Frosyni moved to Manchester, back in 2006, and achieved an MA in Design and Art Direction with the research topic of ‘City Branding’.

She has completed many years of successful positions across the industry and has experience working predominantly in hospitality and education sectors. She has worked with the University of Salford, The Manchester College, De Vere and Village Hotels, M&S Simply Food, among others.

Frosyni’s main inspirations come from everyday experiences, travels and her cultural background, which influences her creative approach.

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After years of further education in art and design, Gareth studied Graphic Art at the Liverpool School of Art & Design, graduating in 2004, where he discovered a love for aesthetics primarily through ratio-based grid systems. 

Over the next decade, he completed a multitude of blue-chip projects at various creative agencies. His career has covered a broad range of works for many clients including Virgin, Toyota, RBS, NHS, Radisson and The Intercontinental hotel group, to name a few.

Gareth's main inspirations evolved from his earlier trips to European cities which inspired a love for typography and minimalism, which still influences his work to the present day. 

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