Manchester exploration posters for the city
Manchester exploration posters
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Manchester exploration posters

Initially created as a studio contribution for Hope Mill, this unique opportunity to think without a brief led us to create collages based on our weekly wanderings of our city. Equipped with an SLR and a coffee, a lot of fun was not just taking pictures and exploring but seeing the city from a different angle.

The first part of this project really was one of becoming more aware and present in our daily habitat, something we’d recommend to anyone with a busy life. The second one was of the past where Frosyni dug out her archive of images from when she first landed in Manchester back in 2006 and created a sometimes poignant series of collages covering the ‘lost’ or just removed social landmarks of the city.

The project had no brief, no feedback, no  amends; unusual for us to be honest, but had sparked the start of many more art projects to come.

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