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Brand Identity

A three stage process

Step one


Socrates was observed to say "I know, that I know nothing". Well, ok, he knew a lot, but what he was getting at, is that things can be complicated. We like this remark because it throws preconceptions and marketing presumptions out of the window, and makes us think, really think, so that we build something that really works.

To navigate the brand development process, we logically approach questions that dig deeper into the whos, whats, whys, and where your audience is, what they appreciate, and what they connect and interact with.

The answers we gather create the foundations which ultimately lead to decisions, concepts and finally, a brand identity that will stand up to the challenges of real-world applications.

step two

Foundations & decisions

After gaining insight from the previous section, we move into a decision-making process; as brands that suffer indecision can very easily find themselves lost in future developments. This stage is all about formulating a plan that actively gives a clear direction. We view this stage as similar to the blueprints of a building; it's essential to get this right, so we focus on what the expected end goal is. After all, no one wants a building with no windows!

It's important to make the right decisions at this stage of the process and not have to change things later on, which will be more challenging to achieve. Of course, we always leave room for adjustments as the process itself could open up new ideas in the following stages. However, we aim to outline the basis of the brand in this stage.

step three


The world of visual communication has changed, and is significantly changing all the time; it's incredible and sometimes daunting. Everyone has cutting edge design and graphics in their pocket, something we only dreamt of as kids. However, with this in mind, comes a great challenge and opportunity for businesses to communicate correctly. Good branding helps us to be seen appropriately by the target audience, which can be very rewarding.

Our process seems different with every project but generally follows a path of; conversations, pen and paper, mood boards, experimentations and conceptual art and design. These 'findings' end up digitised as a professional brand identity, ready to be applied to physical and digital collateral on the next stage.

step four

Creative & collateral

Now we have all the information; direction and decisions have been made and concepts have been chosen. So let's assemble it and create something new.

As designers, this is our forte. Every element builds the final visual representation of the brand identity; the typography and layout, the colour palette, the photography and illustrations, plus the copywriting and tone of voice. All of these elements and more shape the brand into a realised and hard-working tool.

Implementing the new brand identity to various collateral across print and digital is something we have plenty of experience with. Consistency and attention to detail are key, but rest assured, we're the perfectionist types.

Graphic Design

A universal visual language
Aeroplane Graphic design

Every day people see great graphic design. But what is 'great graphic design'?

The answer is different depending on who is asking the question. There are many factors to consider; background, geographic position, age, etc. Part of our job is to identify to whom we are talking and approach them in a language they understand and admire.

We have over fifteen years experience in producing well-styled and professional looking materials but which logo, brochure, exhibition stand, online-ad will people positively respond to? From the layout and style to the typefaces, colours, photography and illustrations, to the paper stock and print processes, we put much emphasis on creating designs that communicate in audience-defined visual language.

Graphic design has many applications, some are:

  • Print collateral
    (books, brochures, leaflets, flyers, business cards, posters, billboards, packaging etc.)
  • Digital applications
    (web design, social media, digital ads etc.)

But enough words, we'll let the visuals do the talking  >

Web Design

Inspire and connect

Fast and attractive, with a focus on user experience; we manage the entire process confidently, to produce digital on-brand experiences that inspire and function flawlessly.

Creating an online presence is an exciting endeavour, involving many parts; from well-written content, accurate coding, on-brand graphics, to functionalities. From start to finish, we use a refined methodology as we guide the project through content creation, prototyping, design, and build.

We follow the steps below:

  • Requirements research
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframing
  • Design & prototyping
  • CMS initial setup
  • Development / build
  • Responsive layouts
  • Testing (on multiple devices & browsers)
  • Primary Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Launch
Aeroplane Web Design


Relationships and conversations
Aeroplane Advertising

Following, or defining perceptions in an increasingly loud landscape; we creatively and succinctly communicate to selected audiences.

Although you'd be forgiven to think otherwise; advertising is a conversation, not a mic drop. We are exposed to a lot, and automatically filter messages out. Those we do relate to and understand get passed through a plethora of intellectual and emotional filters. This isn't a problem; in fact, it's the solution.

As in the formation or strengthening any relationship, it's not about shouting randomly but about getting alongside people, understanding them, finding out what they want, and if you can help, speaking to them in language they can interpret and react to positively and helping them succeed.

Our process includes:

  • Concepts
  • Visuals of ideas and presentation
  • Creative direction of the chosen ideas
  • Designs for multiple platforms

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