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We graduated in the mid 2000’s, then for the next decade worked at various branding, ad and digital agencies creating strategy and collateral for international clients to local charities; creating brand identities, graphic design and advertising across traditional and digital media.Aeroplane has successfully been in business since 2015 built on the foundations of our careers experience, so we can deliver a unique and experienced service to our clients.


Every brand is distinct and requires a different approach; to achieve this we break our process into three parts; The first encompasses: Consultancy, Fact finding, Discovery, Research, Strategy and Foundations, then Brand identity including Concepts and Ideas and finally Collateral implementation.

The entire process strives to create a brand that connects with people and be proud of. We are always communicating a message. When we meet someone we create a perception, some things we say will be received well, and some things not so well, either way a perception is formed leading to an impression, opinion and eventual judgement. Branding matters a lot because you are not there to endorse or defend your brand most of the time.

Our job is to visually communicate yourself, your business and products to designated audiences in a way that paints a good impression. A branding strategy is beneficial, because opposed to simply making something look ‘good’, we know that everyone sees the world differently and that ‘good’ does not exist in terms of one fixed universal judgement. Because of this, we need to have seamless clarity on what we are communicating, and accurately understand who we are communicating too. Our branding programme is a tried and tested method to answer and deliver on these questions.

Aeroplane Web Design
Aeroplane Web Design


In our industry, working in secret and uncloaking grand concepts to a client definitely has its place, but we often find this only works when no one has an invested interest in the brand. We don’t work like this. Every project we take on, we write down our personal reasons-why, and take serious responsibility over its delivery and success. We then work collaboratively with you in a logical manner, sometimes presenting, sometimes sharing works-in-progress and potentially changing processes as we go. We work in a way that suites you and the project. Our process isn’t for everyone, but neither do we work with everyone.

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