Test of time - 4000 year old graphics

Test of time - 4000 year old graphics

When in Greece, no matter the location, there is always physical evidence and references of historical and mythological creations going back thousands of years.

Our fascination with all ancient things and Greek history is no surprise, and why wouldn't we admire designs, sculptures, architecture and art that have passed the test of time and are still appealing and used in various forms today.

We are living in an unquestionably exciting digital and automated era, but we can't help wondering what will happen in 4000 years from now. Could a machine replace a creative position? Logic states that A.I. may automate certain job roles even creative ones in our lifetime, however, when looking at the past, it reveals many things haven't changed and possibly won't 'negatively' change as much as many believe; and that's quite reassuring.

Here is a selection of exhibits from our recent visit to the National Archeological Museum of Athens. There was a feel of familiarity and an instant thinking that these are early examples of graphic design and typography. Visit www.namuseum.gr

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