See, touch, smell - print & finishing

See, touch, smell - print & finishing

When you get a new brochure in your hands, you see it, touch it, flick through it, and smell the fresh ink. The texture of the paper, the shiny foil, the feel of the debossed areas; it's a physical experience. You want to see more, investigate what you're holding is all about. That's the magic of print and finishing.

The print process can often be complex. It's up to the creative to use the right materials and print techniques for each job.  After years of experience, we've learned a lot on the matter, but we're still learning every time we decide to do something different and experiment with something new, that being the paper, the binding or foiling and debossing design elements.

We don't just design another brochure; we create something that represents a brand, a person, an experience etc. that connects with an audience. The aim is always to communicate information in the clearest and most interesting way.

The featured project is for > Bloomfield Art, a top fine art restoration company.

See the finished brochure on our > projects page.

Pictures from > Deanprint Ltd who did an amazing job with the finishing.

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