On your bike - Design Museum

On your bike - Design Museum

On a recent trip to London, we've been able to fit in possibly our final visit to the current Shad Thames Design Museum before it relocates to the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington this November.

On at present are two pretty exceptional exhibitions worth a visit: the Cycle Revolution and the Designs of the Year 2015.

Even if you're not a cyclist, you'll love the Cycle Revolution. The exhibition covers a vast journey into all things two and even three wheels, from the 'safety-bike' (the first bicycle post penny-farthing) to Chris Boardman's Lotus time trial bike (coveted as kids).

On a broader narrative, the exhibition looks into the increasing popularity of British cycling and opens up conversations on cycling as a sport as well as a way of life. There are many current and future initiatives in the city to encourage people to get on their bikes like the London Skycycle.

One other technological development we loved in the 'Designs of the year show' was 'Loopwheels' created by the British designer Sam Pearce at Jelly Products. Put simply; the loopwheel is a suspension system housed in a wheel that has many uses and looks great too. Check out more at > Loopwheels

Cycle Revolution is on until the 30th of June and the Designs of the Year 2015 is finishing soon on the 3rd of April.

Find out more about the two exhibitions here > Design museum

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