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Educated in Bremen

Educated in Bremen

Last month we found ourselves in Germany at the Universum Bremen; an exhibition centre that, in their words, cover all things "Technology, Human and Nature". What took us by surprise was the lack of 'do not touch' signs, often seen in museums. The number of interactive machines and devices was staggering. The machines were safe but gave the impression of danger; especially while sitting on an earthquake simulator or charging a 'lightning' machine.

Universum is a very well-thought-out exhibition space that kept a couple of easily bored designers fascinated all day. It was the overall approach to an educational exhibit that we found truly inspiring.

If you're tackling a large scale exhibition or want to see how science can create some great visuals, take a look at our > Universum videos, as words cannot explain what goes on inside the giant 'clam'!

Nov 2015