Design, ideas, doors & rats

Design, ideas, doors & rats

As designers, we sometimes see the world as a giant canvas, which can make random, ubiquitous objects seem to have a life of their own.

Like the great Gusto in the movie Ratatouille states "Everyone can cook" we know that everyone can be creative. Inspiration comes from anywhere, and this is how we work and view what we do.

I was in a meeting a while ago, and one of our clients had some bright pink detail on their shirt, and now I can't wait to create a design that is bold, bright and pink! I keep seeing objects, buildings, people, clothes and even doors that make me stop, and transport me to an art gallery for a second.

Objects can stir emotions; the intrigue of whats behind a door could make it interesting, or who walked through it? Will there be a social interaction on the other side or an adventure waiting to happen? Whatever it is, I sometimes think "that's a cool door," Weird I know.

Fulfilling design-works that stand out and inspire, seldom come from scouring the internet; They often come from simply new experiences in life.

Here are some pictures of doors and buzzers from Bilbao, Montpellier, and Manchester which we like; Don't they have stories? Don't they evoke emotions and possess aesthetics? Can these characteristics all combine to portray something beautiful and exciting? Maybe for some.

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