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Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

Back in May, we came up with many ideas from many angles to publicise the University of Salford's postgraduate offerings; the winning idea was 'head and shoulders above the rest'.

After going through research, ideas, copy, visualising and presenting, we got cracking with the photoshoot. The concept was selected, and we decided to visualise it subtly by a 'levitating graduate'. We soon discovered that boxes and props wouldn't give the required effect, so we put photoshop down and literally 'jumped'. After many tests, we found the best way to make it work; then we documented it to master a realistic levitation technique.

We worked closely with the university's marketing team and found the right model who was healthy enough to jump up and down for an entire day. We selected the right supporting models and locations for the scenarios. The next step was to storyboard and to create a tight schedule to keep on time and budget. We brought in Blink-Photo, with whom we've worked many times in the past,  and they delivered this excellent outcome.

Jul 2015