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Online presence - web design and content

Online presence - web design and content

During the coronavirus outbreak and while being in lockdown, our inspirational travels have been paused for the time being. So we turned the focus of our posts on our services and hopefully give some valuable information about what we do and specialise in as a design studio.

Having a business online is essential now more than ever, and there are so many ways to do so. Web technologies are continually changing and improving, and an excellent online presence isn't something you create and leave it be. A high performing website requires expert set up to start with and investment of time for regular reviews and modifications.

The best thing is to create an online strategy and plan, which is being revised every six months.

Ask the question 'what's the purpose of my website'; it is, after all, a powerful marketing tool for your business. Think about your audience and how to connect with it. Are you communicating the right messages, and is that content easy to find through a search engine. Are you presenting an accurate image of your company?

The overall web design and style will follow your brand identity for a consistent brand image. However, in the digital world, things are a bit more complicated, and there are multiple aspects to consider. Good structure, functionalities as well as design aids to a memorable and smooth user experience (UX) to fulfil the website's purpose; be it giving information, selling products or services etc.

Content is undoubtedly a crucial part of any website, get it right, and your audience and Google will love it!

Name five websites you visit regularly. Be it the news, social media, recipe website; we can almost certainly guarantee they have regular fresh content. And this is a straightforward yet incredibly valuable point of all websites, the fuel of a site and attracting more visits lies in a steady stream of relevant, high-quality content.

Regular blog posts are an easy way to keep content fresh and engaging. However, you need to think about content again; relevance, it's essential. Give valuable information and interesting posts, and people will come back for more, plus they will rank higher in SERPs. Try to consider what your audience is searching for and use keywords in your copy. A great tool is Google Keyword Planner that can show you results of how many people searching for a specific word. You shouldn't go overboard with keywords or repetition as this will have the opposite result.

Just keep things interesting. Simple, right?

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